Sunday, September 22, 2013

Five Minute Friday--she

Linking up with Lisa Jo.

She has hair that has less gray than mine.
And yet her almost 83 years beat mine by half a century.
I've heard some say its because she doesn't know stress like we do today. That thought turns my mouth up a bit as I laugh to myself.
She raised 4 children. 3 of them boys. She knows stress.
She was the baby of 9 children and watched he favorite brother die when she was young. She knows stress.
She buried her husband far sooner than she or any of us expected. She's gone on 10 years without him. She knows stress.
She's seen most of her siblings go on home now. Both of her parents too.
She's seen the births of 9 grand children and 19 great grands.
She is what holds our family together. Even in the darkest of times.
Maybe she just knows who to give the stress to way better than we do.

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  1. Beautiful! I just can't fathom how people dealt with loss before our generation! I loved the repeated words. Very nice!