Friday, September 13, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Mercy

Linking up with Lisa Jo.

I remember that unrelenting game as a kid. The one where someone twisted your arm or crammed your head under their arm and squeezed with all their might. You were stuck...until you screamed MERCY! I was never one for pain, so I was usually quick to yell mercy. But occasionally, I'd grit my teeth and push back. Or hold on. It can't be long before they'll give in, I thought. I can do this. Can we say stubborn?
Flash forward twenty or so years and it's far too often that I find myself in the same position. No my arms aren't twisted behind my back and thankfully I'm in no one's head lock...per say. But I am overloaded. Overwhelmed. Stretched thin. And while I know better. Far to often I find myself digging in, gritting my teeth and thinking just hold on, this can't last long.
It's then, that I hear Him most. At the end of my rope. When I just can't take one more thing and I'm about to (or maybe already have) pitch a grown up sized tantrum titled 'woe is me'. That's when I hear Him saying, just say it. Just call out to me. And I will give you mercy.


  1. Great post, Heidi! I love that you had an actual story for the word. Really helps show what mercy means, the comparison between the childhood game and now. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  2. Stretched thin - I feel that - at the end of my rope - I know that place well - and,am so glad crying mercy is a good thing with God:) Wishing you blessing this week - no end of the rope or stretched thin moments or maybe you do and His grace reaches down with His mercy and gives you peace:)