Thursday, September 5, 2013

Five Minute Friday: RED

Five Minute Friday: RED

It's the color of my high school. My alma mater. It's the color of my first car. My favorite sweater. It's the color I see when my middler is crying for the umpteenth time in five minutes over which pair of shoes to wear. But more than that, it's the color of my salvation.
It's the color that poured from my Savior's side. It's the color that washed me. White as snow. It's beautiful and raging and calming and loud. It's a sign that I'm His. Not long for this world. A sign that I'm not home yet.

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  1. Heidi, I love this !!! What a blessing to be reminded that it is a sign we are His and we are not home yet. Thanks for sharing.I am visiting from #FMF

  2. thanks so much for sharing! what a beautiful post!

    visiting from FMF.

    Have a beautiful weekend!


  3. It's a sign that I'm His. Yes. Funny how a color conjures up memories, unique to each of us. But, in Christ, one memory we all share is that red means- Jesus loves me.