Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our People

When we began this summer, this summer of travel and the crazy that comes with it, I was scared. Scared for a number of reasons. One of which was because of all the things we'd miss. Summer at our house has always been pool dates with friends, late night fires with hot dogs & s'mores, McDonalds after church with friends, & last minute picnics in the park. Miles from home and those friends, what would our summer look like?
Yes, this summer has looked different. There's been a lot of family time. But one of my favorite memories of the summer was the second night we were home after our first trip when some of our best friends dropped by with pizza unexpectedly. We were just finishing up our dinner, but when friends show up with pizza and their kids to play with yours, you throw open the door and clear the table. Hours later, we sat around the living room laughing and catching up after three weeks of life on the road. I am so thankful for those friends. We needed that night more than they'll ever know.
I love my husband dearly and have learned this summer that I would follow him to the ends of the earth. Even if it meant living in a hotel room with 3 littles for 2 weeks. {FYI...hotel rooms are small.} I love this family that we have. Despite the 'I'm not touching you's' and the occasional tantrums {some of which might be mine.} But I miss my friends. The group of people that we have surrounded ourselves with in our short 9 years of marriage. Those friends who don't need to ask if you need help, they just help. Those who bring you boxes and tape (even though you thought you had enough.) Those who let you cry over a house you wanted so badly to sell. Those who show up with pizza because they missed you. Those who bring Sonic drinks and take your kids without you ever having to ask.
Life on the road has been fun. We've learned a lot and seen even more. But I'm thankful for the home that we have. The people that are ours, waiting on us to return.

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