Sunday, June 9, 2013

Taking Texas by the horns....or not

So we ventured out....cause when you're in Texas and you've got nothing but time...well, and 3 kids....might as well see the sights!  That and the library was not near as exciting on day 3.  Clearly The Chief (librarian that is) was out to lunch when we came in as there was no hassle whatsoever. 

I took the kids on a weekday to the Stockyards.  As I typed "Stockyard" into my GPS I had to laugh because I don't live very far from a stockyard but I've yet to have ever been.  Don't really care to go either.  Livestock is not really my thing.  Shocker. I know.
About a year ago though, one of my dearest friends took up with the rodeo and I've learned QUITE a bit about bulls in the last few months.--They just bought one and he's done ok, but the Brazilians can ride him so that's not good. (I have no idea what I'm talking about, this is just what I've heard!)-- So seeing a bunch of bulls being driven through town was a LOT more exciting thanks to my sweet bullriding crazed friends!  I wish they could come visit because I'd love to experience this through their eyes! 
I was pretty impressed with the whole Stockyards District.  We took the kids back last night and saw the rodeo as a family.  It was pretty cool! Our first and definitely not last!  We even won $50 to the onsite store!! 

This week was not all fun and games though.  It's hard to be 15 hours away from your friends and family.  Just hard. And while I know at the end of the day, the people in this apartment are my home and anywhere that we are all together is just that--home, it doesn't mean I don't miss the rest of the gang back home. 

While we knew this trip was coming for Chris, we decided a bit late in the game that we were going to be going with him for the entire time.   And I must say, I've put on a brave face.  I've called it an adventure.  I've googled fun things to do.  I packed for "vacation" and tried to focus on all the cool experiences we were going to have.  I honestly tried not to think about how hard it might be. 
Until this week. And it hit me.  Hard. In the middle of a Wednesday.
And for a few hours I had a little "woe is me in a new town with 3 kids mainly by myself for a month and I don't know anybody and strangers can be scary even when you're old" party.  Then Chris came home from work. 

And I took a deep breath.  Counted the days and remembered how hard it was last fall.  Without him.  And then again in the winter.  When he traveled back and forth and I could see the strain in all of us from the living just a few hours apart.  The weekends spent driving and waiting.  The nights when I just wanted to collapse from the sheer exhaustion.  And the frustration in his voice from wanting to help but just being too far away.  That was HARD.

And no, this isn't easy.  But it's summer and we can sleep in and see the sights, hang out by the pool, eat lots of ice cream, make messes, and we can be together.  Most importantly that.  So I'll take it.

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