Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We Made It and the Locals Think I'm Nuts

Well, we're here.  We're actually here! (Movie?) As soon as I cleaned up my classroom, turned in my records and got the ok from our school secretary, or sorta did (sorry Phyllis!) we headed out.  About ten minutes into the drive, we hit traffic and my car did something weird.  The little screen actually said malfunction.  What the heck?! I literally poured over the manual while Chris worked on a way to get us moving again.  A way that involved a back road that probably didn't help gain a lot of road, but we were moving and that seemed like an awesome thing 20 minutes into a 15 hour trip! 
In our detour we learned that when you turned the car off and back on the malfunction light went away.  So we ran with it for about 50 minutes. And then we stopped, turned the engine off, restarted it and were on our way again.  Rinse and repeat about nine.thousand.more.times all the way to Texas! All I know is, God is good and we made it. Amen. 

Stopping in Tennessee, the longest state in the Union, proved to be a good idea as we all rested well, ate a continental breakfast (my kid's first) and took off again.  Twelveish hours of driving Saturday    (through quite a bit of rain, some lightning & thunder that almost made me wet my pants, but thankfully no tornados--thanks friends for praying!) landed us in Ft. Worth around 8pm. Did I mention we somehow blew the fuses in the car so the old trusty DVD player we've had since Eli was two did not work at all the entire second day?  Fun times.

But really, the kids were great. Little to no whining, arguing, complaining.  Quite a bit of "are we there yet?", but that was to be expected.  

We spent Sunday exploring, swimming and stocking up the kitchen. 

Monday left us with Chris gone to work all day (that was why we came here!) So the kids and I slept 
in (8:30 woot!woot!) and looking for the library (thank you GPS!) I must admit that I'm glad I had to find the library in order for the kids to earn their field trip when they get back to school (if we go 6 times this summer, they earn a reward) because the local library was pretty intent on NOT giving me a library card.  They needed a paper copy of our lease, so I gave them one, they questioned whether they could take a Corporate Lease (wouldn't that be better?), then they questioned whether the street listed was even in this town (no I drove from North CAROLINA to jack your library books!!). Finally upon great review (basically every employee in the branch staring at me as if I'd lost every.last.marble) they gave me a TEMPORARY card that allows us to check out 
3 books at a time. Three. 3. Seriously! 

Today we returned our 3 books and got 3 more.  I'm not even kidding when I say they checked to 
make sure we had returned the others first.  Like walked back to make sure they could lay hands on them. FOR REAL?  I seriously thought about telling them that my plan was to smuggle out 3 books at a time in June in essence robbing them BLIND.  But I'm pretty sure my humor would be lost on them and my kids would be left out of the field trip in August. 

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