Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Fourth to Remember...or maybe forget

Yesterday at 4am my wake up call did not come in the form of a crying, hungry newborn, instead it came in the form of my 6-yr-old standing with his nose to mine saying, "I have that funny feeling Mama."  To which I mumbled something along the lines of "huh?" When he said something about a feeling like he was gonna throw up, I was on my feet and whisper-yelling (still have a sleeping newborn & 3-yr-old people!) at him to get to the toilet (anybody else hear Mama Wallowitz in your head when you read that word? no, just me?)  After a couple of rounds, I piled him up on the couch with a glass of water, his pillow and favorite blankets while I searched the kitchen for Pepto, Kids Pepto, something, anything to save our holiday.  All I found was a bottle of Pepto in the fridge that expired the Christmas before last....probably not the best idea, but I honestly considered it for about 10 seconds. 

At 7:30, after a couple more rounds in the bathroom, I realized that this was going to be our day.  Poor kid.  Thankfully I hadn't told him about the parade we were going too so he didn't know what he was missing. I drug my exhausted rear to Ingles, stocked up on the clear liquids and came back home to nurse my boy back to health (& try my BEST not to catch what he had...I DESPISE the stomach bug!)

Later on we attempted a trip to look at a possible new family adventure....yeah that ended with my boy puking on the side of the interstate.  Needless to say, we spent the rest of the day tuned in to Disney (at least he likes real people shows now!) & nursing a Sierra Mist.  By fireworks time he had kept down a bowl of EasyMac so we chanced it & warned our friends to stay away.  He was fine and woke me up begging to watch Billy the Extermintor on the iPad this morning, all better!

Hope your fourth was more festive than ours!

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