Thursday, May 10, 2012

So Blessed

The past week has been emotional to say the least. It started last Monday when I sent the kids off with Chris and didn't see them again until Tuesday evening. I was emotional letting them go, even though they were only going to school and the sitter's and I was just heading to a regular ob appointment. I know in my heart the best thing I can give my kids is a sibling. There's nothing like siblings. But at the same time, I know that with our new addition, they'll both be losing a little bit. A little bit of my time and their dad's. A little bit of attention. A little bit of space. (Our house is shrinking!) They're gaining so much more I know...but change is hard.

My routine doctor's appointment earned me a visit to outpatient at the hospital. Which got me a fancy, backless gown and a room on the L & D floor. Along with blood work and a 24 hour test that didn't begin until 7:40 pm. So yeah, I finished Monday and Tuesday in the hospital. And Chris, having worked 3 hours of his first second shift ever at his new job, got to sleep on a super uncomfortable chair/death trap.

Turns out I had mild preeclampsia which by Tuesday evening was super mild because I'd spent literally 24 hours in a bed. After a "we'll send you home & you can come back Friday to be induced" scare (I mean seriously....stay for a day and half and then leave withOUT a baby!!!) my precious doc told me he'd induce if we could talk the nurses into 11pm. Love those nurses! They started everything around midnight and at 7:26am....Mae Elizabeth was born.
We got to stay for two more nights and finally brought our baby girl home on Friday.

For all the crazy that was last week, it was craziest on my big kids. Eli and Lu stayed with friends and family and were brought to see us daily. I was (and still am) overwhelmed by the amazing people the Lord has surrounded us with. My kids were taken care of and loved on by so many last week.  Their homework was done and their clothes were clean and they were happy & excited with all the attention.  We've been home for a week tomorrow and I've yet to cook one meal.  We've eaten like kings.  We are blessed.

Blessed beyond measure.

{{On another note, a sweet girl I work with delivered her first baby a few days before me, and he suffered some neurological damage. He is currently in the NICU where he is showing great progress. Please pray for him and their family. God is awesome and powerful and is ALWAYS in control.}}

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  1. Oh, Heidi! I read this (trying to catch up on Mae's birth) and thought "Oh, who else was pregnant with us that had a baby just before Mae?"...DUH! It was me! When I saw "NICU", yeah, that made the connection for me...Thank you so much for this post b/c SOOOO many people prayed for us, and I believe continue to do so, and it has give us SO much strength, especially when it was hard for us to keep the faith ourselves. And the outcome has been incredible. Asher is doing SO well....Zach is keeping up w/his blog if you get a chance to check it out...We are so blessed and continue to be thankful for Asher's strength. He has taught me so much in the past 6 months about love, fear and hope, more than I've ever learned in any college course. Kids are amazing.