Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hello there. Are you there? Is this thing on? Sorry for my little absence. Or not so little. As you can see some changes have occurred since I was last here. Thanks a bunch to Kelly over at 4 Kids, A Mini-Van, & a Lot of Love, I have this beautiful new space! Isn't she awesome??? The pics are from my dearest friend who sometimes blogs over at Capture the View Photography. She's not been taking pictures very long but is really awesome at it....dontcha think?

As for my absence, sorry, life is just that way sometimes. I've been around. Reading a lot of what other people have to say. Listening. Learning. Soaking up this last little bit of time that my little family is just a family of four. Our newest babe is set to be here in just over two weeks (thank God for inductions!) and we've been busy around here preparing and then again not preparing. Chris and I are the ultimate procrastinators. So you see we really aren't ready at all and last night that kinda came to head for me. I sorta lost it over a baby swing. Seriously. Not my finest hour. And then I was up at 4am worrying about how ready we aren't so today that's my plan. To get ready. You know, like pack bags and such. Find the car seat base. Go get said baby swing and clean it.Have the car vacuumed out....cause I hate that task and now I'm way too big to do it anyway....see how I planned that? I've got some gift cards to use and fresh new receiving blankets to wash and lots more random mundane tasks that for some reason I've put off until my last two days of Spring Break. Ugh. Oh and I have to make that Science study guide for my big kids and get a few plans in order for my sub....geez Louise I've got a lot to do. So if I fall off the face of the earth again, forgive me. I'll make it back...eventually.

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