Tuesday, August 23, 2011

there's still that

Tomorrow is the day. Big. Monumental. Lots of firsts. My oldest heads to kindergarten. My heart is overwhelmed with emotion and yet relieved too. Is that crazy? I'm relieved that he'll be joining me. My classroom is just down the stairs. I'll be closer in proximity to him than I've been during the school year his whole life. Every school day I've left him to come to this building and teach other people's kids. And now he's coming with me. So in that...I'm over the moon.

It's in the realization of time passing by that I'm sad. He was just born. How can it be that 6 years have passed by? I feel like yesterday I was nursing this tiny boy and today I'm tucking into bed this giant kid who says the sweetest most awesome things, who knows Bible verses, & prays better than some adults. But at least there's still that....the tucking into bed. Saying his prayers with him. Making sure he's rinsed the shampoo out of his hair and tied his shoes. There's still that.

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