Tuesday, September 6, 2011

prayer please

seven years ago this week, i was still a newlywed, so a few days off during the fall to work on my new house were welcomed. i had seen (but mainly heard) the destruction that had happened to our tiny town. in a 100 years that much water had never been seen. crops were ruined. homes destroyed. whole neighborhoods washed away. i prayed. i helped with cleanup. i donated my husband's old boots to a friend's cousin. but i didn't hit me.

it didn't hit me until a few weeks later, when i was standing in my classroom. my classroom of big kids. and it started raining. one by one they began watching the window. listening more closely. fear made them antsy and anxious. they began to whisper...some asked to go home.

and then it hit me....

pray for my town as flood waters threaten once again.

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