Tuesday, August 9, 2011

seriously lacking

so my posts have been seriously lacking this summer.
but my summer has seriously ROCKED!
here it is in a nutshell:

  • took the kiddos to sea world, aquatica, & busch gardens

  • turned 30 & spent a weekend at the beach with 2 of my oldest friends

  • bought a fire pit & roasted hot dogs & marshmallows (a LOT)

  • stood back in awe as my ah-mazing husband put a bathroom & walk-in closet in our bedroom (he's something else i'm telling ya)

  • spent the night with my gran...twice

  • went to school every.single.tuesday (except today) so eli would be able to go to the library summer celebration when he starts kindergarten next week (can we say mom of the year?!)

  • spent a day in my pjs (or two or three...)

  • took my kids to the pool (pretty much once a week at least)

  • saw fireworks

  • read the hunger games (wowser! loved it)

  • slept in (most every day!!)

  • finished a bible study (learned a TON!)

  • did crafts for vbs

  • stayed up WAY too late

  • watched 4 seasons of army wives on netflix (can we say naptime?)

  • did some hoop art

  • made an earring holder out of an old frame & chicken wire

  • came up with a MILLION new projects (my hus may kill me)

  • painted my new master suite ....over and over and a matter of fact i'm looking at trim work that could use a touch up (ugh! can we say ocd!!!)

so that's it. too busy to hang out by the computer (or the sewing machine for that matter!) it's been wonderful and crazy and exhausting and i've LOVED it.

school starts back next week and i'll have a million excuses not to i'm going to try and set a schedule (GASP!) and get better about this whole thing.

got any tips for me?

wish me luck!

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