Tuesday, July 5, 2011

crappy friend

i'm sometimes a crappy friend. i'm sometimes a good friend who brings oatmeal or coffee or sonic drinks. but sometimes i'm a crappy friend and i hate that. i realize that i'm not alone in this. my friends can sometimes be unintentionally crappy too. the Bible says in proverbs that "a friend loves at all times..." i was thinking about this yesterday and thought about it in a whole new light.
you see i've been feeling sorry for myself cause a friend hurt my feelings. unintentionally and i'm sure she doesn't even know it cause i didn't sure didn't tell her. i just came home to lick my wounds. and then yesterday, i hurt my friend's feelings. unintentionally. but i did it just the same. and these were the words going through my mind afterwards...a friend loves at ALL times....a friend LOVES at all times....a FRIEND loves at all times. (i'm learning this is when i learn the most....when i screw up--isn't that normally the case?)

and i do-- sort of. i love my friends. but honestly not at ALL times. not when i feel hurt by them. i expect them to forgive me freely and often, but i'm not quick to reciprocate. i often harbor those feelings and sulk. acting more like my 5-year-old than i care to admit.

so here's i am striving to do better. to be a better friend. to love at ALL times. not just the easy times. the fun times. but the crappy times too.

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  1. This post says EXACTLY how I have been feeling today. Exactly. I have been feeling hurt by the actions of a friend, and while I doubt it was intentional, it still stings. And I can totally relate to expecting forgiveness from others, but not giving it out freely. I really struggle with forgiveness. I wish I didn't, but I do.
    Thank you for being so honest & sharing your heart.