Friday, June 24, 2011

if you've experienced mom guilt raise your hand...

(i'm standing on my tip toes with my hands stretched to the sky) GUILT. ugh. sometimes it comes it short bouts that leave me with my hands on my hips shouting "oh for the love...get out!" and other times it leaves me in the fetal position crying over stuff that's really not my fault. yesterday i was all but on the carpet.

my oldest has had 5 cavities. he's 5. that's one per year of his life. except they didn't start till his teeth started touching. and we began flossing. and brushing more. the first time we heard that dreaded c word, i cried. at least i made it to the car first. what kind of parent lets their kid get cavities!? 6 months later we were cavity free! we celebrated!! only to find out in 6 more months we had another one. ugh. and this time the word "crown" was thrown out. i was sick.

yesterday we got a crown. his first crown. (not mine, cause i've had a million.) he's so proud....showing it off like it's a new car. i'm cringing in the corner thinking...great, now everyone can see that i'm a crappy parent.

then this morning i told the mom guilt to GET OUT. no, i'm not a perfect parent. and yes, unfortunately my kid has my crappy teeth. but it's not cause we don't try. so when you see my kid out and about sporting his new crown....please don't judge. don't stop me and tell me that if i had brushed his teeth more that we wouldn't have that beautiful new eyesore. (true story...happened yesterday) just know that we're human. just like everyone else.


  1. PLEASE do not be hard on yourself! You are probably the best mother I know and I am NOT just saying that because I am your best friend. Love you! Go pat yourself on the back and say Great Job!!

  2. Oh girl, I am so sorry. That is a miserable feeling! BUT--as the comment above also states, you are NOT a terrible mom and I promise nobody judges your parenting skills on the state of your child's mouth! ;) You are a great mom!