Monday, June 20, 2011


Well kiddos....I'm thirty. And I still can't find my camera so here are the only pics I have from my birthday.
Here I am with my cake. (He got me a cake y'all!)

Here's where the boys were while we (the ladies) cut the cake. My friends insisted that they sing to me...which was more like a serenade because they were all up on the hill around the fire singing down the hill to me. It made me laugh. :)

So he did it. He threw me a party. Of course I knew about it so the surprise was ruined...but it was wonderful (& I hate surprise parties remember?) Friends from high school, college, now....:) hotdogs, kettle chips, watermelon, cantaloupe, and a cake that my man ordered from a delicious bakery--not the grocery store bakery either.

All of my friends were SHOCKED (to say the least) that he pulled it off...without asking anyone for help. I wasn't. He's just that good. I got a good one girls. A really good one. :))))

The kids played on the trampoline (although apparently not in that picture) and with the drum set (always knew that was a good purchase--my neighbors may disagree) and even began a little cage fighting after dark (I was oblivious--hey! it was my birthday!--but hubs nipped it in the bud quickly--a keeper I tell ya!)

We roasted marshmallows and made smores and laughed at my crazy dislike of all things surprise. It.was.perfect.

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  1. So glad I was able to experience this day with you! Jeff and I had a wonderful time! Thank you for introducing us to peanut butter on smores!! Delish!! Amazing time with friends enjoying the cooler weather! It was awesome! Happy Birthday dear friend!! I can't wait for what our 30's hold!!