Saturday, June 18, 2011

saturday confessions #7

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1. it's my birthday. :) which i love and hate all at the same time. (which i realize is dumb.) i love's my birthday. i hate cause....people like to surprise you on your birthday and while small surprises are great (jewelry, a trip) i hate big, everybody jumping out, looking like an idiot in front of everyone i know, throwing you in a lake or soaking you with cold water surprises. hate them.

2. my amazing husband planned a surprise party for me (he apparently didn't know about #1)and i spoiled it. i cried, he was mad. it was NOT pretty. thankfully that was all last night and the party is tonight so the waterworks are over (i hope) and we can get on with the party tonight with all of my closest friends. :)

3. now that summer is here i'm feeling overwhelmed with all the things i want to get done this summer. so starting tomorrow (or maybe monday) i'm making a list. cause otherwise nothing will get done and it will be august and school will start and i'll feel like i wasted two months. (of course because it's summer i may or may not follow the list)

4.i've lost my camera. have no clue where it is. and i'm sorta afraid to look cause i just got it a year ago and it wasn't cheap. oops.

5. i just started reading redeeming love by francine rivers and HOLY WOW i can't put it down. the only time i can really read is while the kids are sleeping which involves a very bright book light that chris says is like standing on the sun. it annoys the snap out of him and makes me laugh. such an awesome book though. thinking about the hunger games next...not real big into fantasy though....what do y'all it worth it?

have a fabulous weekend :)

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  1. i planned a surprise bday party for my oldest daughter when she turned 7. horrified her. she shook the whole night. i've never done that again. happy belated birthday!