Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Confessions #4

Good morning y'all! We have a busy day of shoe shopping, fabric shopping and grocery shopping today with maybe a show tonight.

Go check out Leah's music at His & hoping we can make it tonight! Here's what I'm confessing today:

1. We have eaten out every stinkin day this week. I've cooked dinner once in 7 days. Pitiful.

2. I feel IMMENSE guilt about #1. (There goes my mom of the year award!)

3. I've been to 3 doctors this week....2 for Lu and 1 for myself. (Which is the main reason for #1--if you're interested in my excuses.)

4. For 2 years I was in charge of the Relay for Life team at my school and while I loved was GLORIOUS to NOT be in charge this year. And by not being in charge I was pretty much useless....which of course I feel guilty about. (seriously)

5. Chris bought me a Nook for our anniversary and it's causing me to abandon my house. Totally not my fault.

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Ooo, a Nook, how exciting!

  2. so you like the nook? i've read books on my iphone but i don't have one of those.