Monday, May 16, 2011

Headaches & an Ah-ha Moment

For about 8 weeks I was having these intense, hardcore headaches.

You may remember that I told you I'd started going to the chiropractor here. (By the way, not my x-ray.) Well a few weeks in, the headaches started. It became a daily recurrence. Sometimes medicine would help (but who wants to take meds daily?) and sometimes it wouldn't. They left me in a fog. It was wretched and I felt like a big baby. Chris used to get migraines and these headaches weren't that bad, just annoying...but still painful...anyway, I felt like a wus! Two Sundays ago I finally asked my church to help me pray about it. I say finally because I felt it to be a very trivial prayer. I mean c'mon, we're praying for families where the dad just discovered a brain tumor, mamas with cancer, dying saints of God...prayer for my headaches seemed silly. Within a day or headache was gone. I actually went to the chiro last week to see if I was out of line cause I was so used to the headache. I wasn't. He told me that my body was fixing itself, getting used to the realignment and that had caused the headaches to go away.

It took me till yesterday morning to see that no, something bigger was in the works.

You see, my God cares for the silly, trivial things of life. The Bible tells us to ask....just ask, and we will receive. I talk often on here about in the big things. I'm so thankful that we can have faith in the little things too.

Here's to a God who cares...even about the stuff that we think is inconsequential.

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