Monday, January 10, 2011

This Old House

Our house is on the market. It's month 8. I was SUPER concerned about it at first....and I still want it to sell, but I'm good with just where we are right now. This is not my dream house. (It's ok, my husband knows that.) There are many things I would change about it (& many things we already have.) The 4 of us are getting a little cramped. But, it's ok. For rightthismoment, it fits. I kinda like that the kids share a room and are just across the hall from us. I like my new kitchen and LOVE my dishwasher! (Didn't have one for 6 years!!!) I like that we have a big yard. I like that our house is convenient to town and stores and when it snows 10 inches in one day...we can still get out if we have too.
So it's not my dream house....but lots of dreams have come true in this house. This was the first house we lived in as man and wife. It's the first house I've ever had to pick out things for and decorate. It's the house where I learned to cook and really clean. It's where I've learned to be a wife. It's where I grieved my grandfather and my uncle. It's where we brought our babies home from the hospital. It's where they learned to nurse. It's where they've slept through the night for the first time. It's where they've taken their steps. It's where they've played and gotten hurt and been loved. It's where they've sat in timeout. It's where we've celebrated--new businesses, professional accomplishments, potty training triumphs, soccer victories. It's where we've fought and cried and laughed. It's where we've become a family.
I know that one day this house will sell and we'll move on and while that day will be a victory because it will mean a new chapter in our lives, it will be bittersweet.

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