Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Mom

My mom has been THE woman in my life all of my life. She was my hero as a child. Truly the wind beneath my wings. The one I wanted to be most like. She's strong and beautiful and very funny. She's quick-witted and sassy (two things I, unfortunately, did not inherit.) Most people think I look just like her...which is such the compliment. She left my dad because she didn't want my brothers and I to be raised in such a hostile environment. She and Dad fought a lot. I've always been thankful that they wanted better for us. Mom has always tried for just make better for us...for me. She has worked HARD her entire life...for me.

I get my dark hair from her. My creativity from her. My innate desire to create things....beautiful things. My instinct to please others comes from her. My inability to sit still. I get my stubbornness from her. My stick-to-it-till-I-bust-determination. My-hate-to-be-wrong attitude. My hard-working-have-to-do-it-all quality. My love for dance and shopping and candy. My cannot-give-less-than-110%- to-anything-ness.

She is my mom.

My biggest fan. Always.

And I hope she knows

that I



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