Saturday, January 1, 2011

no plans = great plan

So having no plans last night turned out fabulous!

We ate a delicious dinner (well, Chris & Eli thought so, I didn't much love it and Lu didn't touch it.) We had Chicken N Dumplings using a recipe I found of Janelle's at Comfy in the Kitchen through Courtney at Women Living Well.
I realized as I was making the dumplings that I'm not a huge Chicken N Dumplings fan. But my family likes them so...why not. I didn't do something exactly right though cause they just didn't taste right. Chris swears they were fine though...oh well.

After dinner we vegged out in front of the tv and watched UP, which was pretty sad and I must admit because I have the attention span of a fifth grader, I was only half watching most of the time. I tried...I just can't sit through a movie in my living room. In the theater I'm usually ok. Even then I do better when the seat rocks so I can at least move a little. Can't do it in the living room though when there are a hundred things I need to be doing. So Lu and I painted our nails as we watched, cause she has the attention span of a two-year-old (or ADHD as my new MIL suggested---bahahahaha!)
At 9 we made ice cream sundaes. A new tradition I think. :)

At 9:30 Lu asked if she could go to bed which cracked me up! Eli followed suit at 10:30 and at 11:40 Chris' head was on my shoulder and he was snoring softly (yes, I'm being nice.) My poor fam...they're not late-nighters. Told you so.

Today we had our final Christmas celebration of the season with my mom and brothers. I love when they're all in my tiny house. It feels so full and warm and like the best parts of my childhood. Makes me smile.

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