Friday, December 31, 2010

no plans

We have no special plans for tonight. My husband is not a late nighter (he's usually out by 10--if not earlier.) But that is totally fine with me. While I love a good party, I also love a good night in (which I think means I'm getting older.) We may find something to do later...who knows!

I have no wise words of wisdom for this last day of 2010. Just a thought or two...

...go on and live. What are you waiting on? Permission? Acceptance? Who cares? This is the only chance you have to live. it. up. So do it! A friend of mine woke up one day last spring to find her husband had died in the night. Two mamas in my school community didn't wake up a few weeks ago. You just never know. So make it count. Another dear friend is hanging on to the hope that this year her boyfriend of a million years will FINALLY want to marry her. *sigh* One of my greatest fears? That life is going to pass me by. I'm the only one who has any control over that.

...pray with all of your might because God is bigger than ANYTHING. He has humbled me this year more than I will ever be able to explain. More now than at any other point in my life I realize just how MIGHTY He is. :)

Wherever you are I pray that 2011 finds you happy, safe and free...

Happy New Year

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