Monday, December 6, 2010

Things I Love--The Grocery Game

Just wanted to share a few things that I love.

First, The Grocery Game
I've used this site for a year and while there's a minimal fee, it has saved me TONS of money! I used to spend $100+ a week on groceries (just food) and I would always come home and think "I have NOTHING to cook!" And then I tried planning my menu and then shopping, but I'd spend a small fortune and then halfway through the week get bored with my menu and give it up. Now I shop once a week at two stores (Ingles & CVS) and I spend on average $80 on food and everything else (tp, paper towels, face wash, soap, toothpaste, etc.) per week and my house is well stocked. (I say "house" because I don't really have a pantry so I literally have food & non-food items in every spare corner of my house!) At any moment, I can go to my stockpile and make just about anything. That's refreshing. And if one week is tighter money-wise, then I don't HAVE to go shopping. A few weeks I've only bought milk & bread (& of course the newspaper.)

I must admit that I had tried couponing before and I was awful at it. I bought lots of crap I didn't need just because I had a coupon. And I knew nothing about combining coupons and sales. The Grocery Game does all the legwork for you. You just have to pick your store(s), click on what you want, print your list, find your coupons (& with their system it's easy) & shop. I can make my list and get my coupons together in about 30 minutes. Then I'm at the store about 45-minutes (I take my time because it's some of my only kid-free time.) I only go to the store twice a week; once for shopping & once for a new paper for coupons. (I used to go almost daily!)

I've read some sites that encourage you to make everything yourself and save lots more money. I have no doubt that I could do that. I just don't have time for it. I like that The Grocery Game is quick, easy and doable for me. And I've actually seen a change in my grocery money vs. amount of food purchased. I saved $1200 in 12 weeks!!! That in itself is worth it for me!

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