Sunday, December 5, 2010


It's snowing. Snowing. Beautiful. Blessed. Maybe-no-school-tomorrow-or-at-least-a-delay snow. And the snow is inspiring me. Inspiring me to tell you something. Something that's hard for me to say out loud.

I have always wanted to make stuff. Pretty stuff. To own my own shop full of pretty stuff that I (& my bff) made. It's a dream. A pipe dream you might say. But I want it. The older I get the more I want it. My bff and I will often say to each other, "Look, I made this. We could sell it in our shop." And then we'll kinda giggle and go on about our way. But secretly I'm hoping against hope that we could do it. We could really make beautifully lovely pretty stuff and sell it. That would people would actually want to buy it. So a couple of weeks ago I was sitting at home (it was Black Friday actually) and I was listening to my kids play and thinking about how I like my job ok but I'm not "in love" with it and how I wish I owned that shop when I thought...I'm so tired of wishing....what am I actually doing to make the wish a reality and the answer was NOTHING. So I decided. No more wishing. Time to start creating. Time to get started on those pretty things. Cause if I'm gonna have a shop I've got to have pretty stuff to sell right?
So today here I am again with the snow and the being inside and the browsing the internet to see all the cool handmade stuff and envying all those people who were brave enough to try. And I'm admitting to you (whoever you are) that I'm scared. But I'm going to try. So here's to being brave and creative and taking a leap. Wish me luck (lots of prayers would be very helpful too!)

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