Thursday, December 9, 2010

one of those days

today....has of those.

you know those. those days. where you wake up feeling behind. (but my bed just felt so good.)
and then you realize in an hour (preferebly less) you have to make 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and dinner for four, get dressed, do hair, makeup, get clothes out for at least one other person, straighten up the house before the showing,

then drop off the kids, get to school, work like mad to make up for 2 snow days, go to a meeting you forgot you had, wait on your hubs who forgot to do something you asked him to, try to start the fire in the wood stove (lost cause), pick up the kids, go to the bank, go buy a new shirt for the pictures that you forgot were happening in an hour, get yourself & 3 others ready for pics, go have pics taken, get back home, make sure little ones get baths, eat dinner, exercise, make sure clothes are ready for tomorrow, make sure to make hot chocolate that you promised....

all the while i've been a grump. a complete grump. i've yelled at my kids, fussed at my husband, complained about my not so perfect picture, and just felt plain ticked off at this whole day!

at least tomorrow is friday and i can start all over again.

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