Sunday, December 12, 2010

Santa Grahams

So the snow started here in the South late Sunday night and pretty much hasn't stopped since. We only have about an inch and a half, but it's been pouring all day. The wind is pretty wretched (which makes my walk outside to the woodstove every hour or so MISERABLE!) We didn't have church yesterday for the second Sunday in a row. Praying we get to go next week as we're supposed to have a benefit dinner for a little girl who has spinal meningitis for the second time. (love her heart) I was able to get out yesterday (thanks hubs!) to do some shopping with my friend.
Didn't get a whole lot, but it was nice to just get out sans children for a bit.
Hubs put up a tent in the playroom...and put the dvd player from the car in it. Kids LOVE it! After playing in it all day they were getting bored with it so we made these...
Thanks Pillsbury for the great idea and recipe!
Red & Pink Frosting (made with white icing--I used cream cheese cause that's what I had at home)

Graham crackers & marshmallows (cut the mallows in half)

Red hots & Hot Tamales (calls for red gumdrops...but I couldn't find them, cut the tamales in half)

Panit the bottom 3/4 of the graham with the pink icing & the top corner with the red(ish) icing.

Add red hot eyes, 1/2 hot tamale nose, halved marshmallows for the beard and the top of the hat & wa-la! Santa Graham!
(yes that tiny little spot where the icing doesn't connect makes me a little crazy!)

Here's Eli making some:

notice how he tilts his head to the side just so...he's very particular

Pretty good, huh?

working on #4

Lu avoiding the temptation of eating all the marshmallows...

placing them just so

like how her hair's in her face, she's still in her pjs and has dinner all down the front...yeah, that's a snow day at our house!

i love how she's looking at her brother intently!

hahaha...I caught her!! (literally every other marshmallow went in her mouth!)

look at those chubby little hands! (notice where she's put Santa's eyes...she's much more of an abstract artist than lil' Picasso!)

He decided he didn't really like Santa with red eyes, so we added some chocolate chips instead...chocolate makes EVERYTHING a little better!

look at her tongue! & my hubs in the back with his feet up!

so determined.

so particular.

& she's done.
her attention span couldn't handle more than 2. (someone recently told me she might have which I responded, maybe she's just 2!...the nerve!)

licking her fingers :)

and her whole hand

here she goes!
in for the kill (I mean first bite!)

then she immediatelly dropped it cause she got icing on her fingers

so she had to lick again (she did this like 10 times!!!)

man, she sure did love that icing! (that's mama's girl!)

Eli's turn

Check out the Pillsbury site to make your own!

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  1. Your kids are so cute!!!! And they Santa Grahams are perfect! Makes me wonder what a snow day would do for us.