Saturday, December 4, 2010

Date Night :)

Last night my hubs and I got to have a *glorious* date night. :)

It was wonderful!

Dinner out, just the two of us at a place we don't ever go to (Chris had never been and was a bit skeptical---but I think he liked it) and Third Day.

Yup, Third Day was close by and since we bought tickets over a year ago to see them (craziness I know but the show was cancelled twice!) we finally got to see them! Chris has been a Third Day fan for years and they were one of the first Christian bands he introduced me to 7 years ago we when first got together. If you don't know of Third Day, you seriously need to check them out. They've been together 18 years, which means their music goes way back and it's all good. I love their most recent stuff, but the oldies are so awesome too!

My favorite Third Day album,

Christmas Offerings, a mix of Christmas classics with a rock sound. **love it!**
It was a great show!
A great date night (we're usually dinner and a movie folks, so the change was nice.)
Got any great DATE NIGHT ideas?
What's your favorite date night?

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