Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

This week (& every other) I'm so very thankful that even though I often seem not quite good enough in the world's God's eye I am perfect. I am His perfect creation and He makes NO mistakes. I am thankful that despite my sin, He has cleansed and made me whole. I am thankful that when I am at my worst, I am nothing less in God's eyes.

Join in Thankful Thursdays over at Grace Alone.


  1. "He makes no mistakes." Amen!! What an awesome God we serve. So glad we can thank Him this special way throughout Blog Land. Thanks for sharing.


  2. God loves you just as you are, which by the way, you are beautiful.

  3. What a wonderful praise! Simple, and so true.
    God bless you. ~Whidbey Woman