Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Summer of the Weddings...Part 1

Yesterday was our first wedding of the summer & it was *beautiful*
Eli was the ring bearer & after a nightmare of a rehearsal
(that included promises for a new Wii game, money, ice cream & even a trip to the waterpark--thanks Daddy!)
he made it down the aisle (half running at the end)
& made us proud parents. :)
Most of the time, I can't believe how big he's gotten, but Friday night he definitely showed that he's still a little boy. Walking down that aisle was SO daunting.
But afterwards, he was all a GLOW!
Here he is posing with the flower girl, a dear friend of ours.
(Look how he's hanging on her arm...he would NOT let go & she was LESS than thrilled about that--seeing as how she's an older woman of 7 & all!) Let's not forget my little **HAM**
She will NOT be outdone!

I **LOVE** this pic as it is such an accurate representation of them....

After 4 (yes 4) hours at the church, with pics 2 hours before & the reception afterwards, we CRASHED! Tune in next week for WEDDING #2!


  1. So Sweet! I love the last picture of your little man as he crashed!

  2. Aww! You know, I don't have ONE wedding to attend this year!