Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lovin the New Look, More Snow, & Coloring by an 18-mth-old

Thanks SOOO much to Kelly at Three kids a minivan and a lot of love for the AWESOME new look! I LOVE IT! Check out Kelly & the story of her adorable family on her super cute blog Three kids a minivan and a lot of love .

I had my 12th snow day of the 09-10 school year today...the most snow days we've had since I was a freshman in high school! I was a tiny bit peaved with our county though because they waited to call it a snow day until after I had driven in the crazy snow to drop both of my kids off. Can we say FRUSTRATING!!??!! Oh well....I'll be spending this Saturday in school (for the second Saturday in a month!) That is if we dig out before then. We got about 8 inches of snow today. My hubs says the roads are pretty clear though so they may try to send us on a delay tomorrow. Who knows anymore? This has been the CRAZIEST weather we've had in years! (Don't you love how I sound like I'm 85?) We are already set to go to school until June 15th...the latest I can remember. We do still have spring break of now. :)

OK so on my snow day, I did NO school work. I played with Eli & Luci, cleaned the toilet, did some laundry & some dishes & played with Eli & Lu some more. It was good. I put Lu down for a nap just after lunch (and since I've been up the past two nights for NO apparent reason, I was dying for a nap myself so my strategy at getting them both to sleep today was IMPORTANT, it had to be JUST SO or else we'd all be up and I'd be brewing coffee to make it to dinnertime!) So I waited till I was sure Lu was sleeping before I sent Eli in the bedroom (they share). All was quiet for about 5 minutes, then Eli came to tell me Lu had colored her feet. I really thought he just wanted to get out of bed so I sent him to my bed and stretched out on the couch. That's when I heard her...laughing....and here's what I saw when I went in to get a closer look....

LOVE HER HEART! She was SOOO proud! She LOVES her feet, especially looking between her toes (I don't get it at all...but whatever!) So of course there was ink in between her toes too! In my exhausted state all I could do was smile at her, take her pic with my phone (sorry it's a bit blurry!) & laugh. Then I stuck her in the sink, scrubbed her feet for .7 seconds, put her back in her bed and took a nap.

Here's to a two hour delay (at least) tomorrow!


  1. Thought I would come by and sat that I love your new look!!! :)

  2. I love Luci and her green piggies...priceless:)