Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

Yes, I'm a little early...don't get too used to that...I'm never early for anything! We are leaving for our church's annual Couples Retreat tomorrow and I won't be back online till Saturday goes!

This week I'm thankful for my darling husband. I cannot wait to spend this weekend with him...well and 30 or so other people...but most importantly, him. :) I met my love in high school when I was a freshman and he was a sophomore. He was in my typing class. That was 15 years He was my first love and he broke my heart. After graduation (his) I saw him maybe once before I went to college the next year. Fast forward 4 years, I had moved back home to teach in my first real job. It was the first job that I had been offered and I was kinda scared to death because I didn't expect to end up back home. (God had a plan that was bigger than I could imagine.) One evening I decided to call up Chris' mom (we had stayed in touch over the years--she was always so good to me!) She invited me over and 4 hours later Chris and I were the only ones still in the living room, talking as though not a day had passed. Conveniently for me, he was an electrician and I needed one thanks to a cable guy who didn't know how to do his job. Three weeks later....he proposed! Seven months after that we were married!

He's my best friend, my biggest cheerleader and the one who makes me want to pull all my hair out one minute and laugh so hard I could pee my pants the next. I cannot imagine my life without him. I thank God for him every waking minute.

Happy Thursday!


  1. What a lovely story!! I hope that you guys have a great time at the couple's retreat. I have ordered 3 gifts for you -- for the blog swap. I know that one will not be shipped until March 9th -- but the others should be on their way! Hope you enjoy your little packages! :)

  2. This is such a sweet story!!