Monday, February 15, 2010


I won a giveaway!!! Thanks to Saving Mom's Sanity for this AWESOME giveaway! (I actually won awhile ago but we had some technical difficulties and I'm slow :)) Here's what I won....

A CREATIVITY for KIDS Monster Truck Kit

Eli (& Luci) LOVED it! We had so much fun unpacking each truck, the stickers & paints.

There were 4 trucks...

and at first, we all were going to get to paint one....but....we quickly found out that wouldn't do!

Waiting patiently...

Who needs paint?

Still going strong....

now time for stickers....

and finally....

Thanks SO much to the creative GENIUSES at Creativity for Kids for making such COOL stuff for kiddos! We LOVED this project & can't wait to try many more!!!


  1. What a fun giveaway win!! I love Joshlin's blog!! It looks like your kids had a wonderful time being artist's!!

  2. WOW! Looks like y'all had a blast with your kit! I am so glad you won this giveaway!!!

    The kids look so cute! Thanks for the link love!

  3. so fun! and they are precious! love their names, too! =)