Monday, February 8, 2010

Feeling like Pharaoh

So I started reading The One Year Chronological Bible at the beginning of the year. I LOVE it! I've always wanted to read the Bible in a year & I have now been reading for a month and feel like I'm off to a good start! The Bible I have is chronological (obviously) & is in the New Living Translation. I'm really enjoying both of those aspects because it reads like a story and I can understand what I'm reading. (Always a plus!)
I just read about Moses & the Israelites being slaves to Pharaoh in Egypt and while I've heard about the plagues my entire life, reading them for myself was eye-opening! Over and over I read that despite what the Lord did (send frogs, locusts, darkness, etc.) Pharaoh refused to admit that He was all powerful and let His people go. The text says that "Pharaoh's heart was hardened". Every time Pharaoh would beg for Moses to pray to God to end the horrible things that were happening to the Egyptians and would swear he would let the Israelites go. Every time he went back on his word when things were good again. That struck a chord with me. How often have I begged the Lord to help me through a situation, promising to do better next time, to give Him all I have (for real this time) and then as soon as the trial passed (Thank you God) I've gone back to my sinful ways with no regard to the promises I made.

(Here I was reading along, feeling pretty good about myself for reading God's word, and who do I relate to...Pharaoh! What? I don't want to relate to Pharaoh! I want to relate to Moses, talking personally with God and relying solely on Him. I want to see Moses in me, not Pharaoh! Uh-oh. Talk about an "AH-HA" moment.)

Why is it that we turn to God in crisis & promise the moon, then when the storm passes we pat ourselves on the back, chalk it up to inner strength & move on with no regard for that awesome work the Lord just performed? Cause we're human. We're all a bit like Pharaoh. (More so than like Moses I'm afraid.)

My prayer for today is to give God the glory that He deserves. To thank Him for bringing me through the trials in my life. To do all those things I promised Him I'd do. To recognize that it is by His grace that I can & do get through the storms. It's not me. There's nothing in me that could have withstood the things I've dealt with in life. It is He who has brought me through. The great I AM. (Another favorite part of mine!) To be less like Pharoah & more like Moses.

FYI: Moses & Pharaoh's story begins in Exodus 4 (ish) & goes through 14 (ish). Read it if you have a chance. It'll change your life. :)

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