Sunday, January 31, 2010

For Sale

So....we've decided to sell our house. And while I'm excited, I'm DREADING the selling process, the cleaning and waiting and cleaning and showing and cleaning and waiting and cleaning....Did I mention I'm dreading the CLEANING?! Don't get me wrong, our house is clean (most of the time :)) but we're busy people! Chris & I both work full-time and we have 2 small kids and a dog (who has just started shedding!) We're praying that it sells quickly! (Or my sanity, what's left of it....will be out the window!)

Why, you might ask, are we selling? Here's the history of this house. Chris bought this house about 10 years ago, about 3 years before we got married. We weren't even together then. He did a LOT of work to it! (I only have one picture of what it looked like when he first bought it and it's a print out of the real estate add that we just randomly found one day.) I wish he had taken pics along the way...but he's a boy so of course he didn't! Anyway, he covered up all the yucky paneling in the main rooms with sheet rock & painted, he trimmed out all the doors & windows in the house, he had vinyl siding put on the outside & added a porch. He got new appliances and redid the bathroom, which only had an old claw-footed tub in it. In the almost 6 years that we've been married, we've done much more. We've painted every room (some a couple of times!) We got new windows (a wedding gift from my dad), we added central air (while I was pregnant with Luci, I suffered through a miserable summer pregnant with Eli!), we changed the "sunroom" into a playroom, we added on to the tiny garage we started with to make a decent garage, we redid our walkway, we redid the bathroom again and finally, we redid the entire kitchen, adding a much-needed dishwasher!
So again you're asking, why sell now that it's how we want it? Seems kinda silly huh? Well there are several reasons:
Our goal with this house has always been to sell. We didn't really intend to stay here this long but it's been a good house. We listed it once when Eli was a baby, but it was at the beginning of the housing market crash, so that didn't work out obviously!
We don't particularly LOVE being in town, which is where this house is. It sits on an acre and it sits towards the back so we have a nice yard. But the paper mill in our town is close and loud. We'd love to be a little bit out of town.
We're running out of room! Right now Eli & Luci share a room. Him in a twin bed, her in a crib. Soon she'll be out that crib though and there's just not enough room for another bed in there. (We could move her to the play room--or him. But I like having a room where they can just play.)
I want to build a house. My dad & uncle are builders, so I grew up with the idea that I could build my own house when I got older. So that's my dream. (I'm praying it will now just become Chris' dream too!)

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  1. I hope yall sell fast! It sounds like the house would be great for someone who likes living in town.

    Thanks for the award! I will post it on my blog soon!

    I am so happy to know that you got your kit!!!I was a bit worried. That was my first giveaway and I had so much trouble getting it to you. I hope you and Eli really enjoy it!!! By the way I LOVE your kids names!