Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thankful Thursdays--SNOW DAYS

This week I'm thankful for SNOW DAYS! Today was our 8th snow day of the school year & it's only early February. Last year we had 8 snow days total! The forecast is calling for snow again tomorrow and next week so we'll see. It seems everyone is complaining about the snow this year (because we've actually gotten some) and while I'll admit it's not always my favorite, I've enjoyed the days off. I realize that we'll be in school a bit longer in June, but right now it's nice to hang out with my babies. Summer days sometimes get planned quickly so an unexpected February day to stay inside and cuddle is nice!

Thanks Saving Mom's Sanity for the Thankful Thursdays inspiration!


  1. This is a great Thankful Thurdsay post! We had snow again today! We got up to a little splash of white in the yard. That makes 3 times this year!!! We usually get it once every 5 to 7 years.

    I found that Frugal Reality has just started doing Thankful Thursday also. She has a linky you can join at

    I am so happy more people are doing Thankufl Thursdays now. Thanks for the link love on your post too!

  2. I am loving these snow days too... but not too thrilled about the possibility of school on Saturday. :) happy valentine's day!