Thursday, October 15, 2009

My house is quiet. I'm exhausted. Can hardly hold my eyes open. But I'm LOVING the quiet too much right now to go to bed! I used to hate quiet. Not hate it, but prefer noise. And most of the time I still do. I have to have music or something going all the time. But times like these, when school has been insane and my kids were especially whiny tonight....I can't get enough of the peace this quiet brings me. It's time like this when I get to really count my blessings and feel God's arms just wrap around me. Good times. :)

Talked to an old friend tonight. Can't believe how long it's been since we really talked. Where does the time go? We went to hs together, but she's since moved away. She's currently moving again and I half-jokingly said she could come back here. She quickly told me she'd never. I took that a bit too personally I think. I love this place. Even saying that is weird to me though. I'm not even "technically" from here I suppose. Moved here when I was 10 so...I grew up here but when everyone's talking about being related to so and so....I'm out cause my "family" isn't here. But so much of my family is here though. See what I mean...weird! I guess I always thought I'd be one of the ones who'd move to some far off place and live some exotic life. But I love it. I love that my hs and the other in the county are HUGE rivals and that EVERYONE goes to the fball game. I love that it's all so "normal". I love that I've known my husband since hs and that we're raising our kids in this small town.

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