Saturday, September 12, 2009


Between school starting and workshops and field trips and birthdays and family time and bills and horrible reactions to allergy shots....I'm BEAT! Every year at the start of school (and usually the end too) I get sick. It never fails. A couple of weeks into the madness and I'm so tired I can hardly function and it feels like I'm carrying a brick on my face. Add to that, awful allergies this week and a kinda scary reaction to my allergy shots.....and that's where I am today. Did I mention I'm also COVERED in mosquito bites?!?!? I have lots of complaints about our house (just ask my husband) but the thing I hate most is that every time I step foot out the door, I am attacked by microscopic mosquitos that later leave me itching like crazy! Add that to the awful allergies and the fact that my skin already feels like its crawling and you'll see why I'm about to LOSE IT!
At least I know what to do about all Ha ha ha ha! Who has time for that? I tried today, with Chris working though and a visit to my family's new market adventure....not much resting happened. And tomorrow, instead of worshiping the Lord at our church and coming home to eat leftovers and nap all afternoon, we're heading to Charlotte to see my mom, Vicki and the Panthers for the first game of the season. (Not that I'm complaining!) Oh well...there's always next weekend!

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