Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Luci Ann

This summer with my Gran.
Crazy crawler!

I made that hat!

Sweet pea.

Lopsided pig tails and big blue eyes.

One week and one year ago my precious baby girl was born. Again we went 9 long months without finding out if she was a girl or a boy and what fun it was! People, complete strangers even, would get downright angry with us over the fact that we wanted to be surprised. It was a riot! Some thought we were insane, even some of our dearest friends. Some I think really thought we were stupid, like we didn't know that there was technology available that could tell us all we ever wanted to know and more about our little one. I'm thankful that Chris and I were on the same page though. It was so worth it to be able to call our parents and friends and say "It's a GIRL!" And even though some people warned us that Eli would be a MESS because he wouldn't know whether to expect a brother or a sister....he was FINE. Funny thing was he told us the whole time that he was getting a baby sister. Who knows....maybe he just knew!

Chris dreamed Luci's face about 2 weeks before she came, and since he did that with Eli, I didn't doubt him one bit. This time he said she would have LOTS of dark hair and a big mouth. And while Eli didn't cry immediately after he was born, Luci SCREAMED! The girl has a set of lungs! Just ask the poor people who sit around us at church when she begins to SQUEAL! She is a happy baby though. And daily I thank my dear sweet Lord for giving me such easy babies! He knew just what I needed....laidback, easy going kids. (They may kill us when they're teenagers!)

My Lu.....she's amazing. Bright and happy ALWAYS! Our precious Mrs. Judy was, I think, a bit worried when I first brought Luci Ann into the mix of her handful of kids ranging from 2-4. A year later, she spoils her rotten everyday and says she hardly notices she's there! She's more often than not the best one of the bunch! She's a good sleeper, although she still wakes up super early (sometimes still in the night) for a bottle, yes I know I should wean her....we're working on it! She's a great eater, I've not found much that she won't eat! She's got her daddy and her big brother wrapped around her little finger! As a matter of fact, I'm pretty wrapped myself! :)

I'm in awe every day as I watch her grow and learn. She only has 5 teeth, but she has eaten steak. She can crawl like lightening and has just begun taking cautious steps as quick as she can. Climbing on the fireplace is no problem for her....she has NO FEAR....which scares the life out of me! I honestly think she sees Eli doing something and then assumes she can do it as well. She loves to swing and has quite possibly the sweetest belly laugh I've ever heard!

While pregnant with Luci I honestly worried that I wouldn't be able to love her like I do Eli. That probably sounds insane, but it's true. Don't get me wrong, I ADORE my husband, but I never knew I could love someone or something like I love my baby boy. I worried that Luci would be neglected and I would be this horrible parent! But wow.....the instant she was here....there was plenty to go around. Love and babies....what amazing things!

I would be remiss if I didn't mention her crazy hair! Chris hit the nail on the head with his dream. Lu was born with a headful of black hair (and I had the heartburn to earn it!) It stood straight up for the first 3 months, right down the middle of her a crazy, baby mohawk. Now it's longer than some 2 year-olds hair that we know and I keep it in a side pony tail (which makes my husband think of some girl off Napoleon Dynamite) with a cute bow most of the time. People always stop me to comment on her hair and touch it (weird if you ask me!) But like everything about her, I'm thankful she has a headful of hair! (Even if it is mostly blonde now!)

As always, I thank my Lord for my baby girl and wonder what on Earth I ever did to deserve such blessings!

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