Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Baby Boy

When I found out I was pregnant with Eli, I was say the least. We were taking precautions...but I've come to expect the unexpected in my life! At first, I was scared to death. Then I was thrilled. Then terrified again. My pregnancy was pretty easy. I loved it! I was never sick. I actually felt pretty good. I did mess up my sciatic nerve at one point and walk kinda funny for a while, but once that was over I was fine. The last few days my blood pressure went through the could have been because it was the beginning of my 3rd year teaching and I was running around like a mad woman trying to get everything "just right" for my interim...but I'm just saying. The doctor agreed to induce me and I was ecstatic. You see, I'm a bit of a planner and although I never found out the sex of my baby, and that NEVER bothered me, I was TERRIFIED that I wasn't going to be ready when it was time. By being induced I knew exactly when I would go to the hospital and the most likely the day the baby would come. It was perfect!

My Eli was born on Sunday, September 11th at 11:24 am. (My mom wanted another date, but I could have cared LESS at that point! He was 3 days late!!!) The whole time I was pregnant I prayed for a boy. I knew he was a boy. Everything I picked out was boyish! Chris dreamed about him about 2 weeks before he was born. He saw his face. (He was a bit freaked out when I delivered him and he saw the face from his dream!)

Eli was a good baby. The first night we were home he screamed most of the night. Chris walked him and I nursed him then Chris walked him some more. The next night we put him in our bed and there he slept soundly for 6 months. At 6 months, we put him in his crib and he wouldn't even cry, just roll over and sleep. My stepmom thought that I was insane when I told her about it. The first time she saw him do it she waited outside the room for an hour, waiting for him to wake up and scream. He never did. I think the Lord knew I needed an easy baby....I was scared to death of screwing up!

He's almost 4 now and I cannot believe it! He's a little man now. Not a baby anymore or even a toddler. Baby Center calls him a "Preschooler" and I suppose that's appropriate because he started preschool last week. On the first day he screamed and told his teacher "My mama loves me, she won't leave me here!" I felt like the worst person on the planet! I made it to the car before I broke down. He's been there 4 times now and Chris takes him (I couldn't bear it again!) The last time he didn't even stop to give Chris a hug, just left him at the door as he ran to sit in his teacher's lap. Chris says he thinks that's worse than the crying. I agree and I'm thankful I don't take him anymore!

Everyone tells you that time passes so fast. It's so cliche! But it's SOOOO true. Just yesterday I was nursing him for an hour every 3 hours (he was a SLOW eater) and changing his diaper, then praying he would just pee in the potty already! Now he washes his own hair (mostly) and rides a dirt bike (with Daddy), and sits still for a whole, LONG story! I joke with him that he has to stop growing soon. He giggles and promises to be my baby boy for always. I pray that he keeps that promise.

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  1. I love your blog! Eli & Luci are adorable and you are such a great writer! I am definitely gonna blog stalk you now ;)