Saturday, January 7, 2012

And then my snow days ended...

My glorious 12 day Christmas Break was extended with 2 glorious optional teacher workdays. And they were just that...glorious. (if you know me at all you know that I don't opt to go in on those workdays a lot...unless they're already scheduled...because snow days are fun days and restful days and catch up days and I may miss a day of pay....but I feel like it's God's little gift to me throughout the school year when I'm away from my babies most weekdays)

So Thursday came with a precious little 2 hour delay and me leaving a tad early to make my monthly baby dr appt and I was giddy with the ease back into work. And then Thursday night, I crashed. HOLY WOW! I must have done not.much.of.anything over the break because after climbing the stairs at school a dozen odd times (a normal occurrence) and standing for most of the day trying to cram in all that I missed teaching on the snow body was like WHAT THE HACK?!?! After feeling lightheaded and woozy most of the day, I spent the entire ride to the doc praying....pleasedontputmeonbedrest....pleaseletmybloodpressurebenormal....and Thank You Lord, it was and she just told me to eat more protein (didn't really think about how much I'd been randomly snacking at home until I wasn't anymore) and take it a little easier (yeah, cause that's easy for me to do.)

As for Friday...let's say I crashed on my couch about 5 and was in the bed by 8.

So here's to a restful weekend at home with little schoolwork, a bit of sewing, and lots of naps (oh and Eli starts basketball practice so that ought to be fun!) and the prayer for maybe another snow day this week as its my first 5 day week in awhile....wait, I do have that workshop on Friday...which I better get planning for...Happy Weekend!

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