Monday, November 28, 2011

The Ones That Aren't Mine

After a five day weekend, I did not want to set my clock last night. When it rang this morning, I couldn't bear to turn it off without a few snoozes. Dragging myself into morning duty in the rain was less than enjoyable. Having a student break a lamp before I'd even set my bag down..not the best way to start any day, let alone a Monday.
Then came our discussion of the American Revolution and their eyes began to light up as we learned of the courage of those who came before us. We talked of pre-James Bond secret agents and spies and traitors and lots more movie-worthy stuff. They complained about taxes that cost them M&Ms and how unfair the king was. We laughed about rules of war and they stared in shock as I tried to explain war before ambushes and a time when soldiers walked in lines and marched straight at each other.
It was then, in that moment, when I saw a spark for a desire to know more....a yearning to hear more about the history of our nation....that I remembered why I set my alarm and get up early 10 months of the year. It's for the ones that aren't mine.

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  1. Doing daycare I can relate to how the ones that are not mine become so important to us. I had a girl I watched from age 1 to now 3 just leave my daycare as I started my maternity leave. Let's just say I cried! Alot.

    I wanted to thank you for the package. It was wondeful. I actually got it while in the hospital so hubby brought it over for me to open. Thanks so much.