Sunday, October 16, 2011


There comes a time at the end of every summer where I begin to get restless. I long for busy. Routine. Then comes fall. First school starts & I find myself learning new students, establishing new routines, basically working my tail off. This year has been even more crazy. My Eli is in kindergarten. He loves it and is thriving, which makes me smile. He and Lu both have had birthdays. Lu began preschool (which was particularly hard). Lu also started dance....I felt she needed something of her very own and I worried over whether she was old enough and would like it.....whether it was worth the time and money. Turns out, she loves I feel good about it. And then there's the new baby. :) yep, we went for three! I've been surprised by people's reaction....everything for shock, to offers to pray for us. :) As for us, we're excited. Anxious, nervous....and everything else. But overall, feeling extremely blessed. God is so very good.

Forgive me for my slack this fall. I've been busy :)

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