Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lessons in Life

It's in the smallest things that I often learn the biggest lessons.
This week God is teaching me that it's ok to rest. It's ok to ask for help. To take a break. To let the mommy/wife guilt pass on by. To realize that no, I will never be perfect. And while for most of my life that little sentence would have annoyed the snap out of I'm taking it. Claiming it as my own.
I'm not perfect. And that's perfectly fine.
I can't always make a home cooked meal every night after work cause rightthisminute the "work" itself is about to do me in. And that's ok cause it's good work. It's work that I really do love even if fifth graders make me crazy sometimes.
My house is not going to be spotless right now. Not with a preschooler, a kindergartner, & two crazed parents. And that's ok.
And you know what else, out house may not sell....and that's fine too. Cause it's ours, it's where our family began. It's what the Lord sees fit for us and for that I will be content.

Thank you Lord for your perfection that covers me. Thank you for a roof and heat and just enough space to keep us close. Thanks for a husband who helps and is my real life example of grace. Thanks for kiddos whose laughter fills our home and my heart. Thanks for the lessons that teach me to just breathe. Amen.

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