Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Confessions #5

1. I haven't vaccumed in two weeks. Or mopped. Yeah...worst mom/wife/homemaker ever. I got it.

2. I ate a brownie before dinner even though I told my kids they couldn't have one.

3. Chris and I are planning a camping trip that we're not telling our kids about....yeah...worst.parents.ever. (Oh and they're not going either.)

4. I'm turning 30 in a month and just this week began using wrinkle cream. I think it was the fact that I had to dress up like a 14 year old this week for a school thing that made me realize I'm not 14 anymore and I have wrinkles. (Thank you tanning bed when I was younger. I really did enjoy our time together, but unless I wanna be a wrinkled mess by 50....I had to quit. Oh yeah and the whole skin cancer possiblity kinda scared the poo out of me!)

Now I'm going to go try to fix my sewing machine for the 117th time today. And if it doesn't work....I'm taking it to my bedroom and shoving it out the window that is a ways off the ground so that it will be certain to break into a million pieces and I'll be forced to get a new one. Which I will use our emergency fund for. It's totally an emergency right? Yeah, I thought so.

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  1. ah sewing machines are the most frustrating things on earth. second would be computers.