Monday, April 11, 2011

God Is Bigger

Veggie Tales have taken over my CD player. I don't mind it (well except that there are only like 4 songs on the cd) it's really not that bad. They are particularly funny those guys. They were at a local church a month-ish ago and my kids are now a little obsessed. They liked them before, but now...they're celebrities. they've taken over and sometimes to avoid like flippingout when they're blaring through the speakers....I find myself thinking about what they're saying (holy wow I'm lame!) And today I thought, you know, God is bigger than the boogeyman. He's bigger than my crappy afternoon meeting. He's bigger than test scores and report cards. He's bigger than dog stuffing up Lu's nose that took a doctor's visit to get out. He's bigger than rained out ballgames and missed anniversary dinners. He's bigger than missing book club.

And He really is watching out for us. He knows (WAY better than me) what my life looks like in the grand scheme. I have trouble following what it looks like in the right now.

And for all of that, I'm thankful.

P.S. Here's Lu before the stuffing came out:

You should have seen her after! (Maybe she won't stick batting up her nose again!)

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  1. So true friend... Funny what we learn (or are reminded of) while we are teaching our children about God!