Thursday, March 3, 2011

Smores' Pops

K, so spring is coming....eventually. And spring makes me think of camping (which we don't really do, but we aspire to do one day, idk right now tent camping with a 2 year old makes me nervous!) anyway, camping makes me think of food (duh! cause everything makes me think of food!) and what's camping without SMORES! That perfectly roasted marshmallow smooshed ever so slightly between two graham crackers with that little (or not so little) piece of chocolate snuck in there....I'm drooling just thinking of them. YUM!!!

When I get that smore craving I've been known to pop a couple mini-mallows on a graham with some chocolate chips into the microwave for 15 seconds and WOW...pretty good!

Then last year for Eli's end-of-the-year party at preschool I found this recipe for Smores' Pops and can you mess up a smore? Let's give it a shot! Here's what we got:

Easy, peasy! & oh-so-delicious! (Two of my favorite descriptions of food!)

1. Melt some chocolate chips (a cup-ish or so)

2. Stick toothpicks in big mallows

3. Crush grahams in a ziploc bag

4. Dip mallows in chocolate

5. Roll dipped mallows in crushed grahams

6. Let sit on wax paper till dry (or burn your tongue and go ahead and try 'em!)


The preschoolers loved 'em! (And so did we!:))

**This is not my original recipe. I do not own one original recipe cause I'm too busy being a mom, wife, teacher, etc. and have NO clue how to cook at all except to first steal lovely recipes from others and try my best! That being said, enjoy at your own risk! :)


  1. Love this recipe! I tried it last year when you shared and they were amazing!!! And we have a camper now-so when you start feeling adventurous let me know!!

  2. YAY Heidi! I didn't know that you blogged! Very cute, and I'm having the spring itch too but we've got about 3 feet of snow still on the ground. I love camping! The last 2 years I've gotten to go spend a few days with Uncle Donnie and Aunt Kelly out at Standin Indian! SO much fun! Thanks for this and also I'm shakin my fist at ya for makin me want spring that much more :D
    -Leah Henson Milan