Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I didn't wanna go

I was covered up in work. C.O.V.E.R.E.D. UP. An online class. Papers to grade. Books to read. Plans to find cause they were mysteriously misplaced on my laptop. My kitchen was crying. Sink full of dishes. Crumbs covering the floor. Dirty stovetop. Dirty countertops. Just downright dirty! Laundry was piled up. Preschool blanket hadn't yet been washed for Monday morning. Favorite pjs waiting to be worn, lying crumpled by the washer. And then there were all the things I WANTED to be doing. Like sew. Or blog. Or read other blogs. Or work on Indie Biz stuff. My attitude sucked.

But I went. Cause I felt like I needed too. Even though I didn't want too. I needed too.

And He spoke to me. He spoke right into the core of my soul. The deepest depths that I didn't know anyone could see. Through my scowl. He heard my heart. My anger. And He told me that it's ok. He asked me to step out on faith. To trust Him.

So I went to the altar. And I cried. I sobbed. Downright ugly, makeup mess. And I thanked Him. For hearing me. For loving me. For saving me. And for keeping me.


  1. that's lovely sweetie! and i know how you feel. it seems the tasks are never ending. its amazing how gratitude can change our attitude!

    ps. i'm taking the indie class too..and waaaay behind:))))

  2. its very easy to feel overwhelmed! i always think a good cry helps :) visiting from indie biz as a fellow classmate!

    Every night I try to grab my daily diary and write down 5 thinks im grateful for that day.. it helps me put things in perspective and its also great for when im art journalling :)