Wednesday, October 6, 2010


a girl i know passed away tonight.
she's been sick for a year.
slowly getting worse.
but tonight she's at peace.
resting in the arms of God.
running with Jesus.
please pray for her family.
her twin sister who's in my class.
her big brother who is just beginning to heal from his mother abandoning them years ago.
her grandparents who were enjoying retirement and all it had to offer when they took over care of these three young kids.
we don't always see God's plan. we don't get it.
we ache for understanding.
why do children have to suffer so much pain?
why do some suffer so much more than others?
Dear Lord, I'm thankful that You see the big picture.
That you know so much more than me.
Please wrap your arms around these precious children.
Surround them with your comfort and grace.

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