Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Family & Giveaway Ending SOON!

As you know my baby brother is getting married in just 2 short weeks. Today was the Bridal Luncheon for his precious bride. As a bridesmaid, I was invited and had a wonderful time with the other bridesmaids & the bride's sweet mom, aunt & grandmas. Precious family! My brother is such a lucky boy (yes he's still a 4 years younger than me he'll always be boy!) I feel like I raised that boy....can't believe he's going to be a husband soon. He's picked a lovely girl though. So sweet & kind. A bit naive, but that's not a bad thing really. She's a teacher (so of course I'm partial!) and so is her mom, aunt & sister. Gotta love a family of teachers! :) Close to my heart.

The stress of a wedding can sometimes be a lot to bear. But sitting around the table today with such lovely women and thinking of how lucky my baby brother is to be joining such a wonderful family...I saw a glimpse of what is to come. A wonderful future full of family get togethers and sweet memories. I'm so thrilled to be gaining such sweet relatives myself!

My EcoMom Giveaway ends on MONDAY!!!

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  1. I'm happy to blog and spread the word about your great giveaway! I hope you get a lot more comments and followers too!!! You really do have a great blog.

    Have a blessed day! ((Huggs))