Tuesday, May 4, 2010


My baby brother is getting married. In a few weeks. My family is in the midst of wedding chaos, I mean BLISS :) And I am...stuck. Stuck in a selfish self-esteem crisis. The dress I'm wearing for the wedding (I'm in the bridal party) is slowing attacking every ounce of confidence I have (which sadly, is not a lot). This is not the first time a dress has broken me down.

Why do we do this? Look to the number in a dress (or a pair of jeans) for our self-worth. How sad is that? How ridiculous is that? The difference in this dress and all the others for me.....I have a daughter now. A daughter who watches everything I do. Even though she doesn't get it yet....she's learning from me. I don't want her to think that her self-worth is wrapped up in a number. She is beautiful. And beauty is not a number. Beauty is so much more.

So here's to more my strengths....& in strengthening my baby girl & teaching her how to be a confident REAL woman.

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  1. I had to wear this hideous homemade dress that was absolutely the wrong style for my body type for my friend's wedding. I wore it and enjoyed the day without worrying about it. Yes, beauty is so much more.